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A Complete Nutrition Protein Shake Meal 

Developed for Women by Dr. William Hennen Ph.D., Bioorganic Chemistry Nutritional Scientist.

Fit4Her was designed specifically for women after months of research identifying the nutritional keys that women were lacking in the United States. We created a solution, giving women the nutrition required for their bodies to function properly and consequently, slim down. Our healthy blend of vitamins and minerals promotes a strong immune system.

We include Transfer Factor with Probiotics, a patented formula, to rid the gut of unhealthy bacteria. Our natural ingredients are easier for the body to process, including our whole chia seeds, a superfood, and other natural protein sources. We focus on health and performance nutrition so you can build your body from the inside out without having to worry what you are putting in it.

Now you can live a life that is Fit4Her.

“Women’s bodies are nutritionally very different from men’s, and women shouldn’t be taking protein products developed for men.”

-Dr. William Hennen, PhD Nutritional Science


Transfer Factor with Probiotics

For a healthy Immune system Patented formula that helps the body identify and remove bad bacteria and other harmful cells (including yeast infection) that are introduced to the body every day. A healthy immune system is critical to the body’s overall health.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend

A complete vitamin and mineral blend specifically designed for the needs of women. Exceeds the minimum required by the FDA and replaces a daily multi-vitamin mineral regimen.

Multiple Sources of Protein

Four sources of naturally high quality proteins that support cell and tissue development, muscle repair, brain function, etc.

Good Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the body’s fuel that provides energy needed for physical activity, brain function and operation of the organs. Whole Chia seeds A super food that provides omega 3, B complex, fiber, and protein and supports digestion, hydration, endurance, as well as reduces inflammation.

Per Serving: 140 calories, 16g protein, 5.5g fiber

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